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Create Like a God. Command Like a King.
Work Like a Slave.

I draw. I paint. I create. It defines who I am. There is no other way for me to be. I am only truly happy when I am up to my cranium in an idea.  I grew up on B-movies, sci-fi, twilight zones and Saturday morning cartoons.  Give me a sketchbook, a stack of oatmeal raisin cookies, and a Godzilla marathon and I will fall into a state of  bliss filled euphoria.  If I can step back from a piece, and chuckle, I have achieved success.  To get a chuckle out of someone else on the same piece is divinity.  A smile cast in the direction of something that I have created is the connection I strive for.

As long as I am walking this earth, and not a zombie, I will continue to create via traditional methods, or by creating some new methods of my own.  These last years of hanging in galleries and coffee houses have been amazing, and I look to continue doing it, ever evolving, always looking for a new angle to look at things from, and challenge myself to create.  It’s what I do.

Some of Brian’s Work Available at Boys Fort:

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