Brian Stowell & Charlie Wagers • Lost Lust Supply

Brian Stowell & Charlie Wagers
Lost Lust Supply


Practical Objects.
Lost Lust Supply is the brainchild of Brian and Charlie; close friends and colleagues who together pull over two decades in the merchandise and entertainment industries. Both carrying a strong passion for physical objects and beautiful art, Lost Lust is a side-project and creative outlet which allows them to make fun, practical objects without client bounds or restrictive deadlines.

Brian Stowell is a Portland, Oregon based adventure and band photographer. Having worked as a merchandise manager since 2005, there’s a good chance he’s been on tour with one of your favorite bands. Brian has extensively traveled the world, slinging merch for artists like Ray LaMontagne, Fun, Eddie Izzard, Josh Ritter, Punch Brothers and Swans.

When he’s not working, he’s enjoying the outdoors, photographing beautiful landscapes.

instagram: @brianstowell

Charlie Wagers is a graphic designer, the product of gray Midwestern skies and a blue collar, Rust Belt aesthetic. Formally trained in fine arts, he draws inspiration from the antique and arcane: early printing techniques, vintage cameras and films, aged textures, forgotten books, and—oddly enough—old neon signs.

He has worked for clients including NPR Music, Warner Music, Proctor & Gamble, Six Flags Theme Parks, as well as a massive roster of bands, such as Dave Matthews Band, Alabama Shakes, Thrice, The Fray and The Black Keys. His work has been recognized by Communication Arts, Print Magazine, CMYK Magazine, and KidRobot. Charlie currently lives in Akron, Ohio.

instagram: @charliewagers



Some of Brian & Charlies Work Available at Boys Fort:

Andi Murphy • Whiskey, Ink & Lace

Andi Murphy
Whiskey, Ink & Lace



Whiskey, Ink, & Lace is a collection of bath & body goods with rustic Americana flair that will treat your life to a li’l handcrafted lovin’.

Inspired by both urban and country living, there are hints of the rustic, the inventive, the practical, the rather eccentric, and occasionally the absurd in the handcrafted products.

Whiskey, Ink & Lace products are made right in the heart of the beautiful state of Washington. Every single ingredient in their products is thoroughly researched, so that everything added in the products provides added benefits for its end users.

There are no harmful chemicals, and everything’s all natural. With ingredients sourced from organic and sustainable suppliers so they don’t make a dent on the environment, and in return, do their part to give back as well. A good portion of the effort that goes into the business goes into researching the best ingredients for hair and skin, to provide customers the absolute best for their health.

And you can bet there’s a lot of love in each product produced, right down to the hand-stamped packaging.

Some of Whiskey, Ink & Lace’s Products Available at Boys Fort:

Silas Beebe • The Beebe Company

Silas Beebe
The Beebe Company



Originally established in 1884, The Beebe Company has been reborn to blend the best of old and new: high quality materials and manufacturing meeting modern needs.

The Beebe Company was founded in Portland and Astoria by Charles Francis Beebe. Originally it built sail and motor boats, supplied sailing, shipping, and fishing industries, and acted as agents for Sutton Clipper ships.

By at least 1910 it was also supplying construction and tradesmen in downtown Portland.

There are even some old steel camping cups floating around stamped with “The Beebe Co. Outing Supplies” and “Eat, Drink, and Be Merry”.

Over the years the company was handed down from fathers to sons. In circa 1953 a more distant relative John Platt bought The Beebe Co. and ran it until he retired circa 1974. During that time it was mostly a marina on the west side of the Sellwood bridge, selling and supplying motorboats.

In the 1980s Robert Beebe ran Beebe’s as a downtown Portland shop that sold and repaired knives, keys, locks, umbrellas, pipes, and lighters. His grandson Silas worked in the shop as a child, helping out where he could and learning the trade.

After 12 years working as an industrial designer for some of the biggest brands in design and outdoor sports, Silas Beebe revived The Beebe Co. in December 2012. Our mission is to once again make outing supplies designed, sourced and manufactured in the USA – with an initial focus on luxuriously useful accessories.

Some of Silas’ Work Available at Boys Fort:

screen-shot-2016-12-12-at-2-33-52-pm screen-shot-2016-12-12-at-2-27-41-pm

Rick Gilbert • Grafletics

Rick Gilbert



At the core of my being lies both
an athlete and artist.
Being in my thirties I still believe I could make an NBA roster if just given the perfect opportunity. The problem is that I’m in my mid 30’s, with a very low field goal percentage – except for when I’m taking my daughter to the bucket. She’s 2 years old and quickly gaining ground. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned in life, it’s Don’t Stop Believin’ – courtesy of the band Journey.

Grafletics is a Sportswear Brand I founded in December of 2013. I’ve formed key partnerships with media personalities, creatives, and social media influencers to grow the brand organically here in Portland.

In May of 2015 I launched the Grafletics Locker Room, located inside Boys Fort. It’s an experiential retail space that I use as an outlet for sales, events, brand building and consumer feedback. The store is decked out with vintage lockers that have been refurbished and given new life to create a one-of-a-kind retail experience.

Aesthetically the line is a blend of modern-retro design which I believe to be timeless in nature. My aim is to further the connection between people and sport by producing products that are authentic, tell a story, and enable people to represent a piece of themselves to the world.

Some of Rick’s Work Available at Boys Fort:

Jeff Amrhein • Hand & Hide

Jeff Amrhein
Hand & Hide



We love quality.

Several years ago, I sat on a tiny stool in a small leather shop in Marrakesh Souk, watching as a craftsman sewed up a large leather cushion. As I followed his hands rapidly moving back and forth, needles flashing, he happily explained everything he was doing. He kept offering me glasses of tea and I kept watching and listening – utterly fascinated. Over the next few years, as I was wondering around North Africa, Asia and the Middle East, I filled a third of my backpack with leather scraps, tools and powdered dyes. I continued to seek out local artisans, learning from anyone who was willing to share. I did leather work with all of my spare time. When I returned home, my travels ended, but my passion for leather craft remained. Little did I know back then, in Marrakesh, sitting on that stool, that today I would be doing leather work full-time. Making a living doing what I love.

Some of Jeff’s Work Available at Boys Fort:


Erol Chandler • A Lamp Design

Erol Chandler
A Lamp Design



Contemporary Lamps. Vintage Appeal.
Handcrafted lighting dedicated to unique but timeless design.
Erol Chandler is a Northwest native, who put his middle school science teaching career on hold to follow his found passion of lamp creation. After spending 10 years in Portland, Erol lives with his girlfriend Taylor Redwine in Springfield Oregon, together, they are the craftspeople of A-Lamp Design. Erols lamps are inspired by his minimalist taste, both in design and lifestyle. With each lamp being made by hand,  they choose to only sell their lamps in person at shows and in select stores around the country, such as Boys Fort.

Some of Erol’s Work Available at Boys Fort: