Archie's Press Spirits

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Drinks in the air, spirits are high.

Laughing out loud, the whiskey is rye. 

The clock rolls on, the jokes gain a slur,

The bottle, it drains, 

the vision, it blurs.

The night almost up, steps hard to find,

price of the tab, worth the good time.

Heading for home, thru one eye, I see,

that good friends are rare, and it only cost me:

my morning, 


breaking my diet, 

stain on the shirt,

the scuffs on the shoes, 

leaving my car on the other side of town,

wait, where did I park?

the parking ticket, 

left my credit card at the bar,

the slightly embarrassing walk back in the bar,

the included additional gratuity...


And I'm

Feeling quite low, head in a fog,

Only one cure, hair of the dog.


Paper Stock 8" x 8"